Privacy Policy

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This is the initial privacy policy for Shuffle cloud. Valid as of this file's last change date on Github

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We are Shuffle AS, and this privacy policy will tell you how we use and protect your personal data.

How we protect your personal data

We understand the importance of the data we collect on our customers, and the sensitivity of what our customers may want to use our platform for. The following explanations go into more detail on how your data is being processed and stored.


Shuffle utilizes Google Cloud Platform's Datastore and Google Cloud Storage. We encrypt all your data by default, and have extra mechanisms for API-keys and secrets inserted. All our code for encryption can be accessed here.

Session Management

Utilizing Google Cloud Platform and internal audit logs, we track all sessions and changes in Google Cloud's Cloud Logging.

Two-factor authentication and Single Sign-on

Shuffle has added SSO and Two-factor authentication to any user for free, protecting from fraudulent access of your Shuffle account. Read more here on SSO and MFA.

Organization data access

We do not permit our team direct access your organization or data within the Shuffle platform without your explicit consent. During support investigations, we may utilize internal tools to simulate your user, but will never directly get information about you or your organization from our data storage solutions. To learn more about organizations, click here.

Data processing usage

We store your data for 3 years by default, to be used in an anonymous and sanitized way, to create algorithms for better workflow autocompletion.

We intend to add a way for you to periodically clear your data in 2022.

Sharing of data with 3rd parties

Shuffle does not share data with any 3rd parties, except our support partner Infopercept. We do however have third party services where your data may be stored - all listed in the segmented details below.

Limited Use

Shuffle's use and transfer to and from any app in our ecosystem will adhere to the respective platform's user data policy, including their Limited Use requirements. If a breach of policy is discovered, please contact us at to get the integration fixed or removed.

Google API Services User Data Policy

All use of Google's API's within the Shuffle ecosystem adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including Limited use requirements. All client credentials that give access to or distribute data to and from Google API's are saved in a secure way and kept strictly confidential.

Segmented details


  • Platforms: Google Analytics, Segment
  • Personal data: Cookies, Usage Data, Browser storage

Data Location

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Snyk: Monitors for Infrastructure, Code and Container vulnerabilities.
  • GitGuarding: Monitors for potential credentials lost within or outside our infrastructure.
  • Google Cloud Platform: Alerts, Notifications and logs for up/downtime.

Payment processor

We use the third party payment processor Stripe. We do not retain any of the information provided to them during a transaction.

External Platforms

  1. Sendgrid: Emails used for email
  2. Twilio: Phone numbers used for SMS
  3. Github: Apps and Workflows shared by our users
  4. Stripe: Payments
  5. Fiken: Accounting
  6. Google Drive: General storage
  7. Discord: Community Communication
  8. Copper & Pipedrive: CRM
  9. Drift: Support Chat

User Data Management

  • Collected data: Email addresses, Domains, Organization names, Firstname, Lastname, Authentication keys
  • Usage: User signin and Email outreach

User Creations

  1. Apps: Optional sharing with everyone
  2. Workflows: Optional sharing with everyone

Customer detail storage

  • Google Workspace: Google drive, Gmail

Contact Information

Data Controller: Shuffle AS

Contact info: