Shuffle API

Documentation for Shuffle API v1.0.

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Shuffle is a platform to build and execute workflows to help with automation and reduce burnout. It's built with an API structure in mind, and everything done has an API endpoint. The listed API's are built and generated with our own OpenAPI creator. All API's listed are for both versions of Shuffle (cloud/onprem), unless otherwise specified. Our OpenAPI specification can be downloaded here. Below are the base URL's for the API.


Onprem: https://:/api/v1

PS: API's are due to change before the full release, but nothing major at this point.


Shuffle uses Bearer auth for authentication. This means that every request you send to the API, you need to send it with the header "Authorization: Bearer ".

While logged in, you can go to to get your APIkey. Keep this safe.

Get all apps example

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY"

Authentication failure Status code: 401

{"success": false}


Shuffle responses follow the response codes listed below. The data you can expect is mostly in the following json form, whether success or failure.

	"success": <true/false>,
	"reason": "You failed to do something"
200Successful request. Usually contains information about the success.
401Not authorized, or an error occurred. Usually contains a reason for the error.
405Method not allowed. We use GET/POST/PUT/DELETE
500A backend error occurred.

TBD: Add proper example responses for each.

Workflow API

Workflows are used to execute your automations, and has endpoints related to creation, triggers, saving and deleting, aborting and listing.

List all workflows

Return a list of all existing workflows

Method: GET

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY"

List workflow executions

Returns a list of executions for a given workflow

Method: GET

curl{workflow_id}/executions -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY"

Get specific workflow

Returns a given workflow

Method: GET

curl{workflow_id} -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY"

Create new workflow

Creates a basic workflow with a given name and description. Returns a startpoint for a workflow.

Method: POST

curl -XPOST -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" -d '{"name": "Example API workflow", "description": "Description for the workflow"}'

Success response

{"actions":[],"branches":[],"triggers":[],"schedules":null,"id":"25cb3cc6-f343-4511-827f-b60557043327","is_valid":true,"name":"Example API workflow","description":"Description for the workflow","start":"","owner":"4669463f-f98e-4d86-891d-76edac4356c6","sharing":"private","execution_org":{"name":"","org":"","users":null,"id":""},"workflow_variables":null}

Save a workflow

Saves a workflow with a given WORKFLOW_ID. Requires WORKFLOW_ID from Create new workflow to match in the parameter and the data sent.

PS: This function is destructive and does not check everything, but will return if there are missing apps or similar

Method: PUT

curl -XPUT -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" --data '{"actions":[],"branches":[],"triggers":[],"schedules":null,"id":"WORKFLOW_ID","is_valid":true,"name":"Example workflow","description":"Description for the workflow","start":"","owner":"4669463f-f98e-4d86-891d-76edac4356c6","sharing":"private","execution_org":{"name":"","org":"","users":null,"id":""},"workflow_variables":null}'

Success response

{"success": true}

Delete a workflow

Deletes a workflow with a given ID.

Method: DELETE

curl -XDELETE -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" 

Success response

{"success": true}

Execute workflow

Executes a given workflow with optional arguments "execution_argument" and "start". Start is the node to execute from.

Methods: POST, GET

curl -XPOST{workflow_id}/execute -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" -d {"execution_argument": "DATA TO EXECUTE WITH", "start": "",}

Success response

{"success": true, "execution_id": "6e58639e-a24f-4af8-b62b-d6fcc2bc10f4", "authorization": "26fb304f-92c9-4ca5-9735-9173ce80569e"}

Get execution results

Gets an execution based on results from Execute workflow. Requires execution_id and authorization parameters. You can only use the authorization key in the data itself to get the ID, not in the header. To track progress, call this every few seconds and look for updates to "results" (json"results").

Methods: POST

curl -XPOST -d '{"execution_id": "ad9baac7-dc30-42da-bb1f-18b84309cfb7", "authorization": "62b3de56-9de0-4983-ad72-e63c42d123f8"}'

Success response

{"type":"workflow","status":"ABORTED","start":"","execution_argument":"DATA TO EXECUTE WITH","execution_id":"ad9baac7-dc30-42da-bb1f-18b84309cfb7","workflow_id":"8f3c6a10-f5ca-432c-aef9-c5e038166c45","last_node":"","authorization":"62b3de56-9de0-4983-ad72-e63c42d123f8","result":"","started_at":1591074812,"completed_at":1591074857,"project_id":"shuffle","locations":["europe-west2"],"workflow":{"actions":[{"app_name":"testing","app_version":"1.0.0","app_id":"c567fc10-9c15-403e-b72c-6550e9e76bc8","errors":null,"id":"de10798e-2c66-4e0c-bfdd-8b645a8e3748","is_valid":true,"isStartNode":true,"sharing":true,"private_id":"","label":"testing_1","small_image":"","large_image":"","environment":"Shuffle","name":"repeat_back_to_me","parameters":[{"description":"message to repeat","id":"","name":"call","example":"","value":"","multiline":true,"action_field":"","variant":"STATIC_VALUE","required":true,"schema":{"type":"string"}}],"position":{"x":-326.750381666118,"y":52.50022245682308},"priority":0},{"app_name":"Virustotal","app_version":"1.0.0","app_id":"e5d625cee91f5f8328f2f4ef09ef313e","errors":null,"id":"bdec0a1c-381c-4e90-ba04-db40db98406c","is_valid":true,"isStartNode":false,"sharing":false,"private_id":"e5d625cee91f5f8328f2f4ef09ef313e","label":"Virustotal_1","small_image":"","large_image":"","environment":"Shuffle","name":"get_ip_report","parameters":[{"description":"The apikey to use","id":"","name":"apikey","example":"","value":"","multiline":false,"action_field":"VT APIKEY","variant":"WORKFLOW_VARIABLE","required":true,"schema":{"type":"string"}},{"description":"Generated by OpenAPI","id":"","name":"ip","example":"","value":"","multiline":false,"action_field":"","variant":"STATIC_VALUE","required":true,"schema":{"type":"string"}}],"position":{"x":-657.9998647811465,"y":52.000953074820615},"priority":0}],"branches":[{"destination_id":"bdec0a1c-381c-4e90-ba04-db40db98406c","id":"7ad84769-3e7f-48af-af73-802bc93b5c2c","source_id":"de10798e-2c66-4e0c-bfdd-8b645a8e3748","label":"","has_errors":false,"conditions":null}],"triggers":null,"schedules":null,"id":"8f3c6a10-f5ca-432c-aef9-c5e038166c45","is_valid":true,"name":"VT testing","description":"Helo","start":"de10798e-2c66-4e0c-bfdd-8b645a8e3748","owner":"4669463f-f98e-4d86-891d-76edac4356c6","sharing":"private","execution_org":{"name":"","org":"","users":null,"id":""},"workflow_variables":[{"description":"","id":"ec16e9a6-5d13-46ba-8613-ebf301569f44","name":"VT APIKEY","value":""}]},"results":null}

Abort workflow

Aborts an execution based on a WORKFLOW_ID and EXECUTION_ID. Can only be done while the status is "EXECUTING".

Methods: GET

curl{workflow_id}/executions/{execution_id}/abort -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY"

Success response

{"success": true}


Apps are the building blocks used in workflows, as they contain the actions to be executed. First of all, there are two types of apps:

  • Generated from OpenAPI
  • Self-made with Python

Here's how to distinguish them for now:

  • OpenAPI: app.activated & app.generated = true, and app.private_id length > 0
  • Normal: Opposite of OpenAPI

Get apps

Returns a list of existing apps that you have access to, including private ones.

Methods: GET

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY"

Delete an app

Deletes an app if you have access to delete it.

Methods: DELETE

curl -XDELETE{app_id} -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY"

Search existing apps

Returns a list of apps that are hidden in the backend, e.g. OpenAPI apps loaded from Security API's. Requires the search parameter.

Example: {"search": "secure"} will match both "secureworks" and "Cisco openVuln", because Secureworks has "secure" in its name and Cisco uses "secure" in its description.

Methods: POST

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" -d '{"search": "APPNAME"}'

Success response

{"success": true, "reason": [{apps here}]}

Download REMOTE apps

Describes how to download remote apps from a Github repository, including private ones.

User API

Below are the endpoints related to user creation, editing, listing, apikey generation and more.

PS: These are NOT accurate for yet.

List users

Lists all available users. Requires admin rights.

Methods: GET

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" 

Success response List of users

Register a new user

Registers a user based on the username and password provided. If it's the first user, it can be done by anyone, otherwise only admins.

Methods: POST

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" -d '{"username": "username", "password": "P@ssw0rd"}'

Success response

{"success": true}

Update a user

Updates a user. Requires admin rights.

Supported fields:

  • username
  • role (admin/user)

Methods: PUT

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" -d '{"user_id": "USERID", "role": "user"}'

Success response

{"success": true}

Deactivates a user

Deactivates a user. This exists instead of a deletion method. Requires admin rights.

Method: DELETE

curl -XDELETE{userid} -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" 

Success response

{"success": true}

Get new apikey

Re-generates a new apikey. Requires admin for POST. GET changes YOUR apikey. The API-key will always be 36 in length (uuid)

Methods: GET, POST (admin)

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" -d '{"user_id": "id"}'

Success response

{"success": true, "username": "username", "verified": false, "apikey": "new apikey"}

File API

Below are the endpoints related to file creation, uploading, downloading, listing and more. This API is available to Python apps by using self.set_files(files) and self.get_file(file_id)

Create a file

Creating a file is necessary before uploading one. This is to prepare the file location which is always per-organization only. Use "global" for the workflow_id if it's not associated with one.

Methods: POST

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" -d '{"filename": "file.txt", "org_id": "your_organization", "workflow_id": "workflow_id"}'

Success response

{"success": true, "id": "e19cffe4-e2da-47e9-809e-904f5cb03687"}

Upload a file

Uploads a file to an ID created with the "Create a file" API function. This is only possible once and can't be overwritten.

Methods: POST

curl http://localhost:5001/api/v1/files/{file_id}/upload -H "Authorization: Bearer db0373c6-1083-4dec-a05d-3ba73f02ccd4" -F 'shuffle_file=@./your_file/file_path/with_a_file.txt'

Success response

{"success": true, "id": "e19cffe4-e2da-47e9-809e-904f5cb03687"}

Download a file

Gets the file CONTENT of a file

Methods: GET

curl{file_id}/content -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" 

Success response


Get file meta data

Gets metadata for a file, as well as some security relevant info like MD5 and Sha256 sum.

Methods: POST

curl{file_id} -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" 

Success response


Delete a file

Deletes a file. The file meta is left intact, but the file itself is removed from existence. Status is changed to "deleted".

Methods: DELETE

curl -XDELETE{file_id} -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" 

Success response

{"success": true}

Organization API

Below are the endpoints related to organization creation, editing, listing and more. These will probably not be live until 1.0.0.