Dive in. Hands-on is the best approach to see how Shuffle can transform your security operations. Our set of tutorials and videos teach you how to build your skills. Check out the getting started section to give it a go!

    Why Shuffle?

    Security first. We incentivize trying before buying, and give you the full set of tools you need to automate your operations. What's more is we also help you find usecases that fit your your unique needs. Accessibility is key, and we intend to help every SOC globally use and share their usecases.

    Get help

    Our promise is to make it easier and easier to automate your operations. In some cases however, it may be good with a helping hand. That's where Shuffle's consultancy and support services come in handy. We help you build and automate your operational processes to a level you haven't seen before with the help of our usecases.


    Learn. We're all about learning, and are continuously creating documentation and video tutorials to better understand how to get started. APIs are an extremely important part of how the internet works today, and our goal is helping every security professional learn about them.

    Workflow building

    Build. Creating workflows has never been easier. Jump into things with our getting Started section and build to your hearts content. Workflows make it all come together, with an easy to use area.

    Managing Shuffle

    Organize. Whether an organization of 1000 or 1, management tools are necessary. In Shuffle we offer full user management, MFA and single-signon options, multi-tenancy and a lot more - for free!